Anavar Steroid

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Of all the oral steroids available on the market today, Anavar may very well be the mildest. It is not your best bet of you are looking to bulk up, but for strength and cutting use, it’s perfect.

The average person using Anavar is unlikely to come across any kind of side effects, which may help explain its popularity. Most males will be able to easily handle daily doses up to 80mg, without experiencing any major problems.

That’s not to say that side effects can’t or won’t occur, though. Whenever you use anabolic androgenic steroids, you are always running the risk of experiencing a side effect or two. This is something that is often blown way out of proportion, as different steroids produce different potential issues. More often than not, the appearance of side effects with many steroids comes down to the individual and how they are using them in the first place. For example, going above the recommended daily dosage will increase the possibility of side effects.

The most common side effects found with Anavar are an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol, keeping in mind that the overall health of the individual using the steroid can be a factor in these cases. There is also the possibility of hair loss and acne. The latter problem can typically be avoided by maintaining a solid skin care regimen. As such, it is usually people who already have serious acne issues that end up having problems with this particular side effect.

On the whole, Anavar is an oral steroid that delivers fewer side effects than most, and which has proven to be easily tolerated by men and women alike. That said, this is a steroid that comes with a heavier financial cost, but it must be said that it is very much worth every penny that you pay.

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