Winstrol Steroid

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Winstrol is the most common name for Stanozolol. It is a Dihydrotestosterone anabolic steroid and is very commonly used by most performance enhancing athletes. This steroid is very popular among bodybuilders and all other athletes and is among the few steroids that women can safely use.

Stanozolol is mild as compared to other performance enhancing steroids. If used for the right purpose and in the right manner, Winstrol can be very beneficial. Most people use this steroid for cutting. This is a good steroid for any builder or athlete. Stanozolol has very active hormones, and this is what makes it very popular among bodybuilders. Bodybuilders use the hormones because they are very effective in promoting a hardened physique while athletes use it to increase speed and strength. This steroid, unlike most other steroids, comes in both injectable form and as an oral tablet. Whichever the mode of use, it works equally well.

Winstrol Steroid Facts, Effects And Usage

Stanozolol hormone has been used over the years with very good results. Athletes from different fields have successfully used this steroid ranging from baseball, track and field to football. However, the use of this steroid by track and field athletes greatly lead to the rise in its popularity because it results in increased strength and speed. This enables the athlete to improve his desired sport and train harder. Simply put, athletes that use this steroid are more efficient and effective. What most people fail to understand is that for an athlete to benefit from this steroid, he or she must have been doing fairly good from the beginning. The steroid only enables an athlete to attain his peak.

Using Winstrol will not increase your mass or weight. However, you can experience some slight, but helpful increase in muscle tissue. Unlike other steroids, Winstrol does not lead to water retention. This is why Winstrol is rarely used for bulking purposes. The use of this steroid can also lead to increase in the levels of testosterone in the body. Most athletes that want increased mass can use other steroids but not Winstrol, hence it’s commonly used during the competitive seasons.

Apart from directly impacting on the performance of athletes, the use of this steroid has shown to greatly help bodybuilders who want to attain a leaner, tighter and stronger physique. For those on a diet that restricts the intake of calories, the Stanozolol hormone present in the steroids preserves and strengthens the lean muscle. This means that the muscle that you can hang onto while on a diet can greatly increase your metabolism hence resulting in a better and good looking physique in the end. The end result is a harder and more vascular physique. This is a great steroid for cutting, but will only work best if before you begin using it, you are lean. So if you are obese, do not expect this steroid to work magic on your body.

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Most competing bodybuilders use Winstrol mostly when preparing for contests. The use is intensified especially a few weeks to the contest where the dosage is increased. After the vigorous training sessions, the body at this stage usually has very low body fat levels. This makes the physique appear harder when touched or when seen. Bodybuilders who use this steroid together with other physique hardening agents like Trenbolone and Masteron often get that physique that is very hard to beat in a contest.

Only a small amount of Winstrol steroid can lead to great results in women. For an average woman, 10mg each day is just enough to improve her physique. The bodies of women usually react more sensitively to anabolic steroids. This means that the Stanozolol hormone will lead to increase in mass and weight in women within just a short duration. Women, unlike men, can effectively use it during the off-season period and for bulking. Despite this, most women use the steroid to improve their athletic performance during the cutting phase.

However, it should be noted that women that use anabolic androgenic steroids might experience several side effects. Just like other steroids, Winstrol has side effects. The good thing is that if used responsibly, chances of experiencing these side effects are very low. Some women might experience virilization symptoms, but most tend not to experience them provided that the dosage is kept low. For those who experience them, they can easily discontinue the use of the steroid, and within a very short duration, they will be okay.