Anavar Results

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Anavar is the brand name for Oxandrolone and it is an anabolic steroid in which many users do not realize how impactful it can be in terms of muscle growth until they begin a cycle.

Anavar results are only anabolic therefore users may not see results within a week’s use like they might with a more potent anabolic steroid like Trenbolone but with Anavar they can expect to see some solid muscle growth over a period of time. If you are looking for a rough estimate of the amount of muscle you can expect to see, you could realistically anticipate up to 5 pounds of lean muscle mass within one month of being on an Anavar cycle with doses of around 25mg per day.

One of the reasons that many users of this anabolic steroid underestimate its results is because of the fact that it does not promote water retention like many of the other, stronger, anabolic steroids do. So Anavar’s results take many people by surprise because it does actually put on a lot of lean muscle mass within a fairly short period of time, you may be wondering if you are impatient, why not cycle on something stronger like Trenbolone? Well I guess one major thing here is that the side effects of Anavar are not as severe in comparison to some of the more potent anabolic steroids although they can still be very harmful.

The recommended duration for an Anavar cycle is six weeks, however, many users become tempted to go for longer periods of time like eight or even up to twelve weeks because of the fact that they saw great amount of lean muscle mass within the first 30 days of their cycle, they feel like the growth will be on a continuous line upwards the longer they cycle for. The problem here is that taking Anavar, in fact any other oral steroid, for too long of a duration like this will lead to some irregularities in your health.

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Results Of Anavar – Bulking And Cutting Cycle

During the off season, Anavar results just will not be very beneficial to you what so ever, the results will be minimal, to say the least. You will not be able to gain real noticing amounts of weight because Anavar does not promote water retention or increased blood volume, you may be better off sticking to something like dianobol if these are the sorts of things you are after. Although, quite a large benefit to using Anavar during the bulking phase is the fact that you will notice a lot of strength gains. Like, a lot. The reason being that Anavar increases the amount of creatine produced in the body, which will aid you in your strength gains.

Anavar results during a cutting period are far more noticeable in terms of seeing changes in your physique because of the fact that this anabolic steroid helps to burn body fat. So if you are a bodybuilder of physique competitor looking for something to help you lose that body fat, Anavar may be a suitable option if you are willing to commit to the cycle, it would help you have a leaner and harder physique on stage.

There have been studies looking into Anavar results and they have shown that when someone has lost fat whilst on an Anavar cycle, they were able to keep that body fat off after the stopped their cycle which means this steroid can be seen as quite an effective fat burner. Although, of course, these people were only able to keep this fat off because they were in a caloric deficit and exercising, so do not get the impression that Anavar is some sort of “magic bullet”, but it can greatly aid you in shredding away that fat as long as you have your training and diet in check.

Although, Anavar, in comparison to other anabolic steroids, is a fairly mild one, this does not mean that you should not be wary of its side effects because just like any drug, they can become harmful and wind up having a negative impact on your health if you become careless with Anavar.

Some of the most common Anavar side effects include problems with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, if you know that you have had any sort of problems relating to these things in the past, I would advise you not to begin an Anavar cycle because it is quite likely that it will just aggravate your issues.

The other main side effect of Anavar is something that may be very concerning to females because Anavar can cause females to begin to develop some masculine qualities such as a deeper voice or more body hair for example. Of course, this sounds extremely alarming for females, however, it is very important to know that as long as you discontinue your use of Anavar, these side effects will be reverted but if you leave it for too long, these effects just have a greater chance of remaining permanent.

In comparison to various other oral steroids, Anavar is actually one of the dearer ones in terms of price. These costs especially impact a male on an Anavar cycle because their doses are higher than a female’s by quite a considerable amount, so you may be wondering why people even use it when there is a whole host of other anabolic steroids available on the market. Well it is mainly because each individual has their own, specific goals in mind, it is also a common thing for people to stack Anavar with another steroid during their cycle to boost their results.

I must mention that I cannot condone the use of anabolic steroids because of the potential harm they can cause. I hope that in reading this article you are more aware of the kinds of results you can expect to see as results of being on an a successful Anavar cycle.