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D-BAL is an absolutely safe and legal alternative to the popularly used steroid Dianabol.

It is free from any risks that come with Dianabol but has the positive outcome on the body similar to Methandrostenolone.


  • Increases Strength аnd Stamina
  • Improves Nitrogen Retention
  • Promotes Massive Muscle Gains
  • Enhances Focus And Drive
  • Fast Acting Formula
  • Safe And Legal Dianabol-Dbol Natural Alternative


  • Designed For Bulking Cycle
  • No injections
  • Safe For Heart, Liver And Kidneys
  • No Prescriptions

Stack Info & Directions

D-BAL is available in the form of a tablet and is meant for oral usage.

Serving Size: 1 Tablet (25mg)
Servings Per Bottle: 90 Tablets

D-BAL should be taken 3 times a day and the dosage should be split throughout the day. It should be taken along with food to ensure proper absorption. Also, it should be taken on days when you do not workout. On typical training days, it is ideal to take D-BAL 30-45 minutes prior to the training session. D-BAL should be used regularly for a 2 months period followed by an off period of 15 days. This prevents the body from getting used to D-BAL and ensures that it is effective at all times.

Side Effects

As D-BAL was developed after careful tests and extensive research, there are no side effects involved like that of Dianabol and it is absolutely safe to use.

Although the results achieved using D-BAL are great, you can further enhance the results by combining D-BAL with any of the below mentioned products:

All the products are safe for usage and do not carry any risks as they are developed after extensive research. Use them in combination with D-BAL to achieve best results in a short time.

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Buying Dianabol – All You Need To Know

Dianabol or Dbol is the brand name for Methandrostenolone and is known to be one of the most commonly used anabolic steroids that were ever created. One of the main reasons for this apart from the results that this steroid produces is the fact that it can be used by many different types of athletes who are at different levels of their career, from beginners to the more experienced, people can benefit from Dianabol for different reasons. Although when you are searching around for Dianabol for sale, you need to be very cautious because there are many places around that could potentially be selling you fake or diluted versions of Dianabol, this can make it quite a tricky task in trying to buy Dianabol.

The use of Dianabol was first founded during the 1950’s and was actually developed for the purpose of giving athletes a competitive edge and was then later produced as people realised it may have some medical value. However, in 1950, Dianabol was stopped from being manufactured because it was believed that it did not really have a lot of effect in terms of helping to treat people who had diseases which led them to lose muscle, so it was thought that Dianabol could be used to treat some of these symptoms of diseases but they noticed that without the kind of physical activity to really promote Dianabol’s muscle building properties, the steroid was found to be quite ineffective.

The main company that was producing Dianabol was called Ciba who were manufacturing Dianabol as a form of medication, so once they stopped making it, people thought that it was no longer available because the perceived demand for it had decreased. Of course, it hadn’t because of athletes who felt like they could greatly benefit from buying Dianabol, so companies in the Middle-East and Asia decided to capitalize on this market and started to produce Dianabol pharmaceutically. So athletes looking for the performance enhancing steroid Dianabol were probably thinking great news! Right? Well, this does come with its drawbacks, one of the main ones being the fact that a lot of these labs actually produce diluted or sometimes even fake versions of Dianabol. Of course, there are labs out there that produce real Dianabol Dbol for sale but they are just a little harder to find amongst all of the fake or diluted products being produced and sold.

Another reason why buying Dianabol from places like Asia and the Middle-East can be risky is because of the fact that their standards in terms of quality differ from those in countries such as the UK or the USA for example. When Dianabol was being pharmaceutically being produced in the USA, it was not able to be sold unless it had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA, whereas in China for example, for Dianabol to be sold, it does not have to undergo these quality control checks, meaning that the standard in quality of Dianabol that you buy may be lower.

You can also buy Dianabol Dbol from another source, the black market, although the quality standard is likely to be dropped again, it is the most popular method of purchasing Dianabol, in fact, it is the most common place to buy any type of steroid. Before we move on, though, I must say that I cannot recommend this as an option for looking for Dianabol for sale because of the dangers it can entail, such as the fact that it is an illegal way of buying steroids, but I do think that because this is the most used option for people buying steroids, you should know a little about what the black market involves.

If you are looking to buy Dbol from underground labs in the black market, just know that there are counterfeit products all over the place and it can become quite the task trying to differentiate between Dianabol that has been diluted or is fake and Dianabol that is genuinely real. Another potential risk includes the fact that you may buy Dianabol that has been produced in underground labs that do not follow strict regulations such as sterilising equipment which could, unfortunately, lead to you consuming Dianabol that has bacteria on it which could then lead to other health problems.

By looking for Dianabol for sale online, you are more likely to have an easier time trying to find real versions of the steroid in comparison to the black market. If you are able to get in contact with the right people, you should have no real problem purchasing Dianabol online although of course there are still websites that sell fake steroids so be sure not to buy from any random website. You could probably find Dianabol for sale at a gym from a local dealer however they are notorious for charging customers too much so this is not a reliable source of purchasing Dianabol.

Dianabol Cycle Dosage And Side Effects

Dianabol is commonly sold in the form of a tablet and for the majority of males the dose will be 20mg every day but it is split up into two, so 10mg towards the start of the day and the other 10mg getting towards the end of the day. When you are comparing prices for Dbol for sale online you will probably notice that the prices won’t have a large variance unlike other anabolic steroids sold online.

Do not start panicking just yet, it is more than likely that you will only experience these side effects if you have abused Dianabol. Some of the side effects could include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, water retention and gynecomastia. There are likely to be a host of other, smaller side effects but these were some of the ones that you should be most concerned about.

Of course I cannot recommend or condone the use of Dianabol or any steroid because of the potential risks it could have for you, the main ones being your health and the fact that, depending on the way you buy Dianabol, it can be illegal. All I can say is be extremely cautious about where and who you buy any type of steroid from and do some extensive searching around for Dianabol for sale before committing to buying the product so that you can be sure you’ve bought the real stuff.