Dianabol Side Effects

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All anabolic steroids have negative side effects. However, the nature and probability of the side effects will vary depending with the steroid.

How the body responds and the dose of the steroid matter a lot. Individual response is, however, the major determinant of the side effects of using an anabolic steroid. Some people, however, do not respond negatively to the use of the steroid, regardless of the amount used.  Lets us specifically look at Dianabol side effects (Methandrostenolone) as this is the most popular of them all.

The most common side effects associated with the use of Dianabol (Dbol) are water retention or bloating and the enlargement of the male breast (a condition called gynecomastia). The reason for these is that the hormone aromatizes to estrogen. These effects are felt when the level of estrogen in the body increases.

The same process is also responsible for another Dianabol side effects – water retention. However, in order to reduce this side effect, you can use an aromatase inhibitor. Most people usually blame Dianabol for increased body weight but they are not eating well or exercising. The probability of Dianabol resulting in weight gain is very low if a person exercises good eating habits. Carbohydrates are the major culprit for weight gain. Controlling water retention caused by the use of Dianabol is quite easy. To control this problem, other aspects such as diet and exercise should be considered.

The use of Dianabol can also lead to increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If your blood pressure is already high, you should avoid this steroid. If you can easily get a high blood pressure condition, you should as well stay away from this steroid. There are lots of other steroids out there that will do you some good.

It is the same thing with cholesterol. If you are in good health and you use the steroid responsibly, chances are high that you will get very minimal side effects at all if any. When using this steroid, always ensure that you eat a diet that is rich in Omega fatty acid fats. These fats have shown to improve cholesterol levels. If you experience side effects of cholesterol nature, try to incorporate more omega fatty acids in your diet. Apart from helping to deal with the side effects, these fats are also good for your general health.

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Common Side Effects Of Dianabol

Dianabol is an oral steroid due to its 17-aa structure. Dianabol (Dbol) has its 17th carbon altered so that the liver allows it to pass through into the blood. If the structure was not altered, it would be destroyed even before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. All Dianabol steroid tablets are of this nature, hence, the other Dianabol side effect is the toxicity that it can cause to the liver and the hepatic system. There are many other type 17-aa steroids on the market though Dianabol is the most commonly known steroid that causes toxicity to the liver. As a result of this, extreme caution should always be applied when using this steroid.

The use of Dianabol often leads to the increase of liver enzymes. However, the good news is that if you are healthy, the enzymes will return to normal once you stop using the steroid. The return to normalcy can occur rapidly. In order to reduce the burden on the liver, it is recommended that you avoid using all other medications while using this hormone. Alcohol consumption should also be reduced as this causes toxicity to the liver, hence the liver might wear out from the toxicity caused by the alcohol, drugs, and the steroid.

Some people believe that anabolic steroids do not reduce the levels of testosterone in the body. This isn’t true. However, the level that the steroid suppresses testosterone will vary with the form. For instance, Deca-Durabolin completely suppresses the production of testosterone after a single dose, whereas milder steroids like Anavar slightly suppress the production. Dianabol steroid, however, will not suppress testosterone like how Trenbolone and Nandrolone do. The suppressing, however, makes it necessary to have an exogenous testosterone therapy.

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