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Hello fellow bodybuilders, welcome to my good tricep workouts article. The subject we will talk about today is the tricep, the muscle found at the back of your arm.

Big arms are coveted by many people that are into working out, but the problem is that many of these people focus way too much on their biceps and not enough on their triceps. Before you can achieve big guns, you have to first understand that the triceps make up the vast majority of your arms and as such require more importance. Let us first look into how your arm is split up, with a focus on your triceps.

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Your upper arm is made up of three muscles: the biceps, the brachialis, and the triceps. The triceps are in turn split up into 3 different heads: the medial head, the lateral head, and the long head which is the biggest. It will work to your advantage if you know where each of these heads is located and how to best isolate them when it comes to fixing imbalances. Having a well-developed tricep with each head symmetrical to the others will give you a very good looking arm that will appear thick both from the side, the front, and the back. When leaning out, you might also be lucky enough to get striations in your triceps making them even more impressive.
Tricep training is usually quite fun, at least for me, and any tricep workout can include the following exercises.

Best Tricep Workout Exercises:

1.Close Grip Bench Press

If you are building a tricep workout for mass, then this movement should definitely be included. This is the very best thing you can do in order to pack on sheer mass on your triceps and can be done with free weights or the smith machine; I prefer the latter since it allows me to focus a little more on the targeted muscle. This exercise is very similar to a regular bench press but is done with a very narrow grip. I would recommend you do this movement right at the very start of your workouts since quite a lot of weight can be used when you are still fresh.


2. Skull Crushers

I like to do this exercise in all of my tricep workouts since it puts a lot of emphases on my long head, which is quite lagging for me. The most important thing you can do during this movement is to get a full stretch, and as such, not a lot of weight needs to be used which is great since skull crushers stress your elbows quite a lot.
By the way, just in case you were wondering, this exercise is called as it is because the bar will crush your skull if it slips from your hands.


3. Tricep Push Downs

Done on the cable machine, these are quite common to see. You can do pushdowns using the rope or the straight bar, and while they each target slightly different areas of your triceps, both are effective. Remember that variety is the key in keeping your body guessing so mix it up as much as possible. Something I really enjoy doing is supersetting regular straight bar pushdowns with reverse grip straight bar pushdowns; give them a go and feel the burn!


4. Tricep Dips

A variation of the standard dip that targets your triceps instead of your pecs, this movement is quite effective and can be done with added weight for extra resistance. Weights can be held in between your ankles or even added to a dip belt; if you have one that is. I like to do this movement right at the end of my workouts when my triceps are already fried, so no added resistance is needed.

Remember that longevity is the key to a long career in bodybuilding, so to this extent one would do well to take care of his elbows. These joints are greatly stressed during tricep training and this can cause problems later on, problems which you really don’t want to have!

Elbow care involves taking fish oil supplements, wrapping said elbows, and most important of all a proper warm-up.
Now the tricep is not a big muscle and as such it is often paired with other related muscles such as the chest or the biceps. If your arms are already quite good you can include the triceps at the end of your chest workouts but if they are lagging, put them in their own arm day (biceps plus triceps).

That’s all for this “Good Tricep Workouts” article guys; thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed it!

See you next time.