HGH for sale

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone.

It is a very powerful hormone that has rapid results and creates a chiseled physique, but comes with risks involved.

An alternative for HGH, developed by Crazy Bulk, called HGH-X2 is safe, completely legal and safe without any side effects.

HGH-X2 increases the Growth Hormone levels in the body naturally rather than the injection of synthetic hormones like in the case of HGH. The GH levels in the body are increased naturally due to the carefully used blend of amino acids.

Benefits of HGH-X2:

  • Boosts Muscle Growth
  • Helps Burn Fat
  • Speeds Up Recovery
  • Elevates Energy
  • Improves Joint Strength
  • Enhances Sense Of Wellbeing

Usage Instructions

HGH is generally injected into the body. Crazy Bulk was against this usage form and hence, developed tablets. Each bottle comprises of 60 tablets with a concentration of 500mg each of amino acid blend. Also, the contents used in the manufacture of such tablets are clearly mentioned on the bottle, so that there are no hidden contents.

The ideal dosage of HGH-X2 is 2 tablets per day and it should be spread throughout the day. Also, it is suitable to continue with the dosage even on days when you do not workout. The tablet must be consumed 30-45 minutes prior to workout for optimum results.

HGH-X2 must be taken for 2 months followed by a time off period of 10 days .This ensures that the HGH-X2 tablet stays effective on the body.

Crazy Bulk has developed HGH-X2 after extensive research to ensure that there are absolutely no side effects on the body.
Although the usage of HGH-X2 has immediate results, you can further enhance the results by using it in combination with any of the products:

Human Growth Hormone – HGH Review

The Growth Hormone has been used extensively by professional bodybuilders from all over the world. GH existed since a long time, but was not used by people widely as it was produced using carcasses. Also, there are 2 different types of Growth Hormones available in the market. They are:

a) Somatotropin
It is a type of GH that is extracted using the carcasses of animals and is commonly known as STH.

b) Somatropin
Somatropin is the popularly used GH and is developed using recombinant DNA technology. It is commonly known as rhGH and people address it as HGH.

To enhance growth, GH is used in combination with insulin, due to which there is faster metabolism, increased fat burning, and faster recovery. But all the advantages also come with several side effects such as nerve, joints and muscle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, high cholesterol, edema and numbness caused in the skin. Thus, although GH helps in the growth of muscles, it places vital organs such as heart and intestines at increased levels of risk. Due to the expansion caused in the intestine, several body builders appear as if they are pregnant, which is an ugly side effect of Growth Hormone.

Hence, it is best advised that you stay safe and switch to the safer alternative of GH by Crazy Bulk, known as HGH-X2, which is 100% legal, safe and natural without causing any harm to your body.