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Hello guys, welcome to yet another bodybuilding article.

Bodybuilding is seen by many as a purely physical sport, but this isn’t the case at all. Bodybuilding is just as mental as it is physical and any knowledge you gather will greatly help you on your journey. This is why reading articles such as this one will be a great asset to you, so pay attention and absorb as much as you can! This article will talk about one of the most popular muscles found in our bodies: the chest! Commonly seen as a “beach muscle”, the chest is a very prominent and powerful muscle that many people love to train, however there are also a lot of misconceptions which I will cover later on.

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The first thing I want to talk about is chest anatomy. There is a lot of misinformation regarding how the chest is actually split up, with chest anatomypeople claiming that they can train their inner chest or their outer chest using special exercises, for example. This is completely untrue as the chest, technically called the Pectoralis Major, is only split up into two muscle heads. These are the Sternal Head, which makes up the lower portion of your chest, and the Clavicular Head, which makes up the upper portion. While you can put extra emphasis on one of these heads, you cannot actually isolate certain parts of an individual head as many people claim they do. To further prove my point, try searching online for exercises that isolate your inner chest. Most of these are close grip bench presses or variations of them, which are actually a tricep exercise; the connection between a close grip and the inner chest doesn’t actually exist. Now that we got that out of the way, let us look at some exercises you can include in your killer chest workout.

Best Chest Workout Exercises:

1. Bench Press

One of the best movements you can do not just for your chest but also for your body in general. No other exercise is as effective as this one when it comes to putting on mass and increasing strength, so make sure you incorporate it into all of your pecs workouts. The reason as to why it is so effective is because the bench press is a heavy compound movement that involves a lot of muscles including the triceps and the shoulders.

This also helps to stimulate your natural levels of growth hormone and testosterone, which is a big plus.
Because this lift is so important, I like to include it right at the very start of my workouts; just make sure you are properly warmed up first as to avoid injury. The grip you use during this lift should be wide, but not too wide as this will limit your range of motion.
Note that you can also do inclined and declined variations of this lift which put a focus on your upper or lower chest respectively, but the core lift (the flat one) should always be included.


No killer chest workout is complete without a fly movement. This exercise is great for getting a good stretch in your chest and I usually like to include it right at the very end. Just like the bench press mentioned above, this movement can be done on a flat, inclined, or declined surface each with a specific purpose. You can do these using cables (also known as Cable Flyes or Cable Crossovers) or using dumbbells; both are the same.


3. Chest Dips

Another good exercise, this one will put a lot of stress on your lower chest. While most people find it enough to use just their body weight, others like to make it harder by holding a dumbbell in between their ankles for added resistance.


Another thing I want to mention is the upper chest workout routines. Many people have lagging upper pecs and as such they need to focus on them some more in order to bring them up. This is done by including inclined movements right at the very start of the workouts, followed only by flat ones. I would recommend staying away from declined movements since they will be counterproductive for you.

That’s all for this article guys; I hope you enjoyed it. Try creating your own killer chest workout based on the information you learned today and see how that goes!  Thanks for reading and see you next time.