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Atheletes commonly refer to Oxymetholone as “A – bombs” or “A50”. This steroid was developed with the main objective being to help people suffering from anemia.

With time, the use of this steroid has grown to involve aiding people suffering from other diseases that involve the loss of weight. It is therefore very effective in increasing strength, increasing appetite, increasing the number of red blood cells in the blood and promoting weight gain. Just like other anabolic steroids, it also has its downsides.

The use of this steroid inhibits the production of testosterone hormone in the body, negatively affects blood lipid profile, causes water retention, can cause headaches and is very toxic to the liver. In fact this is the most toxic steroid of all steroids.

To get a better understanding of the effects that Oxymetholone has on the body, it is first important that its disadvantages are contrasted with its advantages. Anadrol is a steroid derived from DHT and falls under the category of C17-aa steroids. This means that its 17th carbon position has been altered so that it can survive elimination before it gets into the bloodstream. Most anabolic steroids fall under the 17aa category of steroids, and this enables them to get to the liver without causing danger. Now let’s critically analyze how this alteration is done so that we are able to understand its downsides.

Oxymetholone Cycle Results And Side Effects

There is the alteration of the 17th carbon position so that Anadrol can pass through to the liver. The presence of this steroid in your liver exerts undesired pressure on it. How does Oxymetholone cause pressure to the liver muscles, and what gain can be achieved from using it? A recent 30 week study was done on A50, and of course, several side effects were noticed. Of course people have always known that the use of this steroid is accompanied by side effects. But what is the effectiveness of this steroid? The study was carried out on people experiencing AIDS related wasting. After using the steroid for 30 weeks, they gained more than 8 kilograms each, whereas the control group continued losing weight and experienced increased mortality rates.

According to the study, weight gain peaked at around the nineteenth and the twentieth weeks, though in the remaining ten weeks not much change was noticed. Considering its side effects, it would not be healthy to use the Anadrol50 steroid for twenty weeks. Considering the fact that positive results based on the use of the steroid were seen despite the prolonged duration of the dosage, it therefore means that the drug can be safe is used under good control.

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