Testosterone Cypionate

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Testosterone Cypionate is a synthetic form of testosterone hormone which is naturally produced in the body. The use of this hormone by males is accompanied by many different mental and physical characteristics. It increases sex drive, promotes fat loss, increases the density of bones, at times offers protection against heart disease and helps in the gaining of muscle tissue.

These effects will be experienced whether a person uses Testosterone Cypionate or the naturally produced testosterone. As with all other steroids, the testosterone molecule is always altered so as to change the hormone’s properties. There is a scale used to measure the rate of steroids, and Testosterone Cypionate has a rating of 100.

Other steroids could have a high or lower rating. This steroid is among the most popularly used steroids by athletes currently. It should, however, be noted that all compounds of testosterone, including Testosterone Cypionate have an androgenic/anabolic score of 100 since they are merely testosterone.

Testosterone Cypionate is highly androgenic and anabolic. This makes it a great steroid to be used when a person seeks to increase his or her strength and size. This hormone promotes the retention of nitrogen in the muscles. The more the amount of nitrogen in the muscles, the higher the amount of the protein that the muscle will have. The use of this hormone may also lead to an increase in the amount of IGF-1 anabolic hormone in the muscle tissue. Testosterone Cypionate also increases the functioning of satellite cells; these are the cells that repair damaged muscle. Androgen receptors also closely bind to testosterone and this promotes mechanisms for fat loss and muscle gain.

The use of this hormone can lead to changes in size, shape, number and appearance of muscle fibers. By using androgens like testosterone, you will be protecting your hard earned muscle from undergoing muscle wasting. Glucocorticoid, on the other hand, inhibits the adverse reactions that might follow.

Apart from that, Testosterone Cypionate can increase the production of red blood cells. An increased number of red blood cells improves endurance because there is more oxygen in the blood. By having more red blood cells, you will be able to recover faster from a strenuous activity. Despite this, the androgenic/anabolic side effects of testosterone depend on the dose. This means that when more doses are used, more muscle will build.

Most athletes that have used Testosterone Cypionate often have success stories. This is because this hormone improves how the muscles contract. This happens when motor neurons in the muscle are increased hence leading improved neuromuscular transmission. The hormone also promotes the synthesis of glycogen; hence, it provides more ‘fuel’ for intense workouts. This, in turn, increases strength and endurance.

Testosterone Cypionate can also promote the loss of body fat by improving the metabolic activity. The androgen receptor and the testosterone bind fairly well, and this results in fat being broken down. The process also prevents the formation of new fat cells. Testosterone also has an indirect action where it portions nutrients hence affecting body fat and muscle. When using this hormone, the body builds muscle at a higher rate. This means that the food that you consume is directed to the muscle tissue as opposed to the normal storage as fat.

Testosterone Cypionate also plays a great role in relation to creatine. This is an essential adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the main source of the body’s muscles. Stimulation of the muscles results in the breakdown of ATP to adenosine diphosphate(ADP) hence energy is released. However, this process of breaking down ATP is usually too slow when the muscles are engaged in a strenuous activity. This is why Testosterone Cypionate is used to increase the rate at which ATP is replenished.

Effects Of Testosterone Cypionate

By using this hormone responsibly, you stand to benefit a lot. If you are an off-season athlete, using this hormone will build more lean muscles and reduce fat in the body. For you to grow, you should eat enough calories which lead to fat gain. However, this hormone will ensure that you get the weight that you desire.

Most athletes use this hormone for off-season bulking. However, this hormone can also play a very great role in the cutting phase as well. The use of this hormone allows a person to preserve more lean muscle which would otherwise disappear. For the body to burn fat, it must first burn more than the calories that it consumes. On top of that, the harder and longer you diet, the lesser your chances of gaining strength. But using Testosterone Cypionate will protect you from accumulating fat.

Testosterone Cypionate also plays a great role in promoting endurance and recovery. With a Testosterone Cypionate dose, your body will recover faster and you will not tire very quickly. This will enable you to workout harder and longer with better results. This is actually what performance enhancement is.

However, it should be noted that women should not use Testosterone Cypionate to enhance their performance. This steroid is too much androgenic since it’s the main male androgen. Despite this, women can benefit to some extent by using this steroid. In such cases, very low dosages of this hormone should be used, and the user should always keenly watch out for virilization symptoms.

The Side Effects of Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is highly tolerable by most men hence, its side effects can be easily controlled. These side effects are most likely to occur, but not guaranteed. Generally, the manner in which your body will react to Testosterone Cypionate will depend on factors such as your overall state of health, total dosage, and genetic predispositions.

Just like other testosterone compounds, this hormone has a high aromatase level. This means that as the levels of estrogen increase, this may lead to water retention and male breast enlargement. This could, in turn, lead to an increase in blood pressure.

Beyond the side effects mentioned above, this hormone can promote side effects related to DHT which include prostate enlargement, hair loss and acne. Baldness will only occur if you were predisposed before you began using the steroid.

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