Trenbolone Side Effects

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When looking at anabolic steroids most people are usually concerned with the side effects that a person can experience after using them. As compared to other steroids, the side effects of Trenbolone deserve more respect than other steroids. The side effects of Trenbolone cycle are in some way more harsh hence most men cannot tolerate its use.

The negative reactions that might accompany the use of this steroid can be broken down into two different categories. Category 1 is just the same side effects as with other anabolic steroids while category 2 is unique to specifically Trenbolone or Tren as most people refer to it. Since these category 2 side effects are unique to only this steroid, they tend to be more bothersome. These category 2 side effects are the ones that will prevent most men from ever using this steroid. Let us look at both categories of Trenbolone side effects.

Category 1 Trenbolone Side Effects

Most of you know that most of the side effects of androgenic steroids originate from the aromatase process. Trenbolone does not undergo aromatizing. As a result of this, users of this steroid cannot experience water retention as a side effect. Most people also believe that since water retention isn’t associated with its use, so is gynecomastia. The Trenbolone steroid is of progestin nature. This means that by using it, you risk developing terrible gynecomastia.

Another category 1 side effects that a person can suffer from include hair loss increased blood pressure and acne. Only men who are predisposed can suffer from hair loss. This means that if you were headed for baldness, the steroid will just speed up the process. For the men not predisposed, no hair loss will be experienced.

Most men do not want to buy the idea that the use of anabolic steroids can be accompanied by acne. But this is one reason why most men stop using the steroids. Acne as a side effect can cause a man to break out from using Trenbolone steroid. If your skin is healthy because you keep it clean, you will not experience acne by using this steroid. The problem will only get noticed if you had acne even before you started using the steroid.

Another common category 1 side effect of Trenbolone steroid is increased blood pressure. However, this can be controlled by controlling the dosage of the steroid. If the dose becomes too high, pressure also increases. However, men who use the steroid in a responsible manner are less likely to have high blood pressure. Men predisposed to high pressure should keep an eye on the dosage. Medically, it is even recommended that any person whose blood pressure is high should not use this steroid.

Category 2 – Side Effects Of Trenbolone

The side effects in the second category are the most severe. They might appear to be mild on paper. However, each of these side effects should be viewed in an in-depth manner. The side effects of this second category account for the reasons why most men do not use this steroid. Simply put, they cannot withstand its side effects since their bodies react too poorly when the steroid is introduced into them. The second category of side effects of Trenbolone include:

  • Anxiety
  • Loss of libido
  • Increased heart rate
  • Insomnia
  • Excessive sweating
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Night sweats
  • Erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

Of all category two side effects, these two are somehow preventable because they will only be experienced when high dosages of the steroid are used. A person will lose libido if there is not enough testosterone in the body to meet his physical needs. To cancel out this side effect, it recommended that a person using this steroid should supplement using exogenous testosterone.

The other category 2 of Trenbolone side effects can also be managed by closely monitoring the dose of the steroid that gets into the blood though this is not usually the case. Some users of this steroid can suffer from brutal anxiety attacks. Insomnia can last for several days. The worst is the increased heart rate. The user can experience a rapid heart rate which can be scary and can even lead to death. Unfortunately for the users, nothing much can be done to avoid these side effects. It’s either the body tolerates the steroid or it doesn’t, and if it doesn’t, you should never use it again.