Trenbolone Steroid

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Trenbolone (Tren) is the most powerful anabolic steroid that people use to increase muscle size.

However, how this steroid achieves this has not been fully understood. By reading the content below, fact and fiction will be separated, hence, it will be upon you to choose whether this drug is good for you or not.

Trenbolone is classified under the same group as the popular Nandrolone steroid. They are categorized under the 19-nor class of steroids. This means that a testosterone molecule at the nineteenth position is altered to result in a new compound. However, Trenbolone, unlike Nandrolone, is very effective in gaining and hardening muscles. Most of the hardened muscles are fiber muscles and have no water retention at all. Its anabolic score is unbelievably high at 500. Testosterone which is very effective in building muscle has a score of 100, so you can imagine the potential that Trenbolone has.

What properties make this steroid so anabolic?

When consumed, Trenbolone increases the level of IGF-1 hormone in the muscle tissues. It increases the amount of IGF-1 hormone in the muscle twice. The steroid also causes satellite cells of the muscles to become more sensitive to IGF-1. The use of this steroid can also be accompanied by an increased number of DNA per every muscle cell.

Trenbolone has a strong binding affinity to androgen receptors in the muscles. It actually binds strongly than testosterone. Good steroids are the ones that bind strongly to androgen receptors because they activate androgen receptors that are responsible for muscle growth. Scientific studies have also shown that compounds that tightly bind with androgen receptors play a great role in fat loss.

The Use Of Trenbolone

The use of Trenbolone steroid increases the level that the muscle tissues retain nitrogen. You can tell the nature of an anabolic substance by looking at its nitrogen retention. The ability of this steroid to build mass doesn’t end here. Trenbolone can also bind to the receptors of the muscle destroying hormones called glucocorticoid hormones and can also inhibit cortisol hormone which is muscle destroying.

Trenbolone is high androgenic as compared to testosterone. The androgenic ratio of testosterone is 100 while that of Trenbolone is 500. Steroids that are highly androgenic greatly increase muscle size and strength. They also change the ratio of estrogen and androgen in the body hence reducing water in the body. Trenbolone is also effective when used as a fat loss agent. This is because it plays a very important role in nutrient partitioning. Androgen receptors are found both in muscle and fat cells. Androgen directly acts on the receptors in the fat cells hence resulting in the burning of fat. The stronger the androgenic receptors and the androgen bind, the higher the fat burning effect on fat tissue. The use of some other steroids can lead to the increase in the numbers of androgenic receptors in fat and muscle. The ability to burn excess fat can be increased by using other compounds like testosterone.

The presence of Tren in the blood facilitates the production of red blood cells. It also increases the rate at which glycogen is replenished, hence it improves recovery. Just like other steroids, Trenbolone side effects depend on the dose. This means that higher doses result in greater effects in terms of weight and strength gain. The most notorious side effect of this steroid is mental changes. The use of this steroid increases the concentration of chemicals which could make a person become more aggressive. However, this side effect can be beneficial to athletes who want to improve speed and power.

The chemical structure of this steroid makes it very hard to undergo aromatizing, this is the conversion to estrogen, and hence not even a single molecule of Tren converts to estrogen. The use of this steroid cannot be accompanied by side effects such as water retention, reduced the rate of fat breaking, and increased fat gain or the growth of breast tissue in men, a condition called gynecomastia.

Trenbolone does not tolerate the 5-alpha reductase enzyme which reduces some steroids to more androgenic forms. Tren has a very high androgenic ratio of 500, and this can easily cause androgenic side effects in people prone to prostate enlargement, hair loss, acne, and oily skin. Unfortunately, this steroid also has other side effects. It binds to the progesterone hormone receptors. This binding to the receptors can lead to bloating and the enlargement of breasts.

Worse still, Trenbolone 17-beta metabolite has a binding affinity to the receptors of progesterone. Using 19-nor steroids like Trenbolone usually increases bromocriptine and prolactin while lowering the levels of prolactin. Users of this steroid might also experience shrunken balls or testicular atrophy. Trenbolone users should also closely watch the functioning of their liver enzymes, kidney functions, and levels of cholesterol. This is because the nature of Trenbolone can negatively affect the functioning of those organs.