Winstrol Cycle

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Winstrol is among the most popular steroids that have ever been manufactured. This steroid can be used by a bodybuilder who is preparing for a contest or can be used by a dieting athlete. This steroid is not used for the bulking cycle but its cycle can work wonders for a physique, both physically and visually. This is among the few steroids that can be used by both men and women. Women can easily tolerate this steroid if they use it responsibly.

Winstrol can either be used as an injection or as an oral tablet. The tablet is simply known as Winstrol while the injectable solution is known as Winstrol Depot. Both forms have the same hormone, Stanozolol in the same concentration. This steroid is among the few steroids whose both oral and injectable forms are equally effective and powerful. Most people that want to undergo the Winstrol cycle will always choose the injectbile form, because even though it’s equally effective like the oral form, its potency is quite stronger.

Even though some athletes have reported better results when they used the injectbile form, this could just be their mental perceptions since scientifically; both the injectibles and the oral tablets have the same effects. Regardless of the form, when you plan to have a Winstrol cycle, ensure that you get 100% pure Winstrol.

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Winstrol Cycle For Men And Women

In most instances, the average Winstrol cycle should run for between six and eight weeks at a daily dosage of 50mg. Winstrol has a very short half-life, and this means that it should be administered daily. Regardless of the level of experience of a man, 50mg daily is perfect. Men should however not exceed the 8th-week mark because the steroid can result in liver toxicity.

Winstrol can strain the muscles of the liver hence its usage should only be limited to men with good liver functioning. In case you experience any side effects, you simply discontinue its use and the liver will return to its good state. However, there is an exception that can be made regarding the dose of the steroid that a competitive bodybuilder should use as he approaches the end of his contest preparation cycle. Most bodybuilders will use 100mg daily during the last 10-14 days before a contest. This high dose plays a great role in hardening their muscles and physique before the big day. Due to the toxicity of this steroid, this high dose of 100mg should not exceed 14 days.

As stated above, this steroid is among the few that women can easily tolerate. However, there is no guarantee that the body will tolerate, though if used in low doses the side effects can be minimal. Despite a low dosage, some women will still experience virilization symptoms. In case this happens to you, just stop using the steroid and your body will return to normal. If you ignore the symptoms, you might be headed for real problems.

Many women ranging from fitness and figure to bodybuilders and track and field athletes have used several Winstrol cycles, and for most of them, this steroid remains to be a staple. The majority of the women who use this steroid use the oral tablets. Winstrol tablets are usually found in 50mg and 10mg. The optimal beginning dose for a woman should not go beyond 10mg. 5 mg of the steroid daily is a good starting point for most women. However, some can use higher dosages if they do not experience any virilization effects. However, exceeding the 10mg daily doses can expose a woman to some harsh side effects; hence the optimal amount that we would recommend for women is 5 mg.

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